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    Young DeanDee W. Schofield is the romance and humor pen name for bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith. Dean has published over 90 novels under varied names.

    Dee, on the other hand, hasn’t published any books or stories yet, but has written a few novels that have just gone out to editors. Stay tuned for updates on that status.


Young Dean Dee is one of the pen names for bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith. Dee writes humor and science fiction romance, sometimes combined. For more information about Dean, or any of the books or stories mentioned here, go to his blog at or write to Dean at

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  • Finished a Novel and Did Some Picking June 26, 2017
    A Novel Done… Spent the entire day out picking for collectables. Had a blast. Found some fun stuff and about 40 hardbacks for the store. Then home around 8:30 to cook dinner and then did some reading for the challenges, then went to my writing computer and got the novel finished. It clocked in at […] […]
  • Challenge Thinking June 25, 2017
    Some Thoughts on Challenges… I’m reading stories for the short story challenge and also starting to get the first novels in for the June part of the novel challenge. Everyone seems to be doing fine. In fact, so far, I am impressed. And the challenge is doing what it was intended to do, which was […] […]
  • Just a Friday Post June 24, 2017
    Mostly to Keep the Streak of Posting Alive… Spent the day working on collectables, also finishing up a lecture, cooked dinner (a production that was fun and turned out well), did some writing on finishing up the novel, and then read stories for the challenge. So a pretty standard day for my activities around here […] […]
  • Another Crazy Challenge For Myself June 23, 2017
    I Love Challenges… I tend to push myself with my writing at times. Anyone following this blog knows that, from writing 30 short stories in thirty days to writing a novel in five days while traveling. And that’s just in the last six months. I have a lot of things I like to do in […] […]
  • I Get Startled At Times June 22, 2017
    Basic Publishing And Marketing… In Digital Book World today was an article by a writer by the name of Laurie Starkey. Now I do not know this Laurie Starkey that I remember, which means nothing considering my old brain. And Ms. Starkey was simply (very simply) pointing out to clearly flat beginning writers (her article […] […]

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