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  • Mar 5

    Dee W. Schofield stories can be found under the Short Story tab above. Dee’s most recent story can always be found there to read for free. Other Dee W. Schofield short stories are listed below the story.

    I hope you enjoy them.


Young Dean Dee is one of the pen names for bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith. Dee writes humor and science fiction romance, sometimes combined. For more information about Dean, or any of the books or stories mentioned here, go to his blog at or write to Dean at

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  • Short One Tonight March 22, 2018
    Just to Keep the Blog Streak Alive The streak is somewhere around 1,700 straight days without missing doing a blog, even a short one like this one. And I hope to be back writing soon once again. Got a cat errand to run first, though. Tonight Kris and I went to Black Panther, as good […] […]
  • There Are No Secrets March 21, 2018
    But There Are Details To Learn… Watching The Voice and in a couple places, the coaches told an artist to do some little trick or another. Watch having your head up too much, plant your feet to stay grounded, things like that to help in the technique of the song. It dawned on me that […] […]
  • Writers As Whiners March 20, 2018
    I Got a Question… The question was basically how did I handle things like moves and sickness and other life rolls when I had book contracts. Good question, since for a few days right now I am deciding to not write as I get things switched around. I am going to put much of my […] […]
  • Planning And Other Things March 19, 2018
    Takes Planning To Get Back To Writing… When life turns and decides you are just not going to write for a short time, I learned a long time ago to not fight it. All that does is make the writing miserable and also you will lose in the end. So here I am with a […] […]
  • Been a Few Days March 18, 2018
    Not Writing at the Moment… If you were coming to see progress, none to report, but that might change shortly and I’ll get back at it. And get back to reporting and talking about different aspects of writing and publishing. But for just a quick moment, I need to point out that sometimes life just […] […]

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