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  • Mar 5

    Dee W. Schofield stories can be found under the Short Story tab above. Dee’s most recent story can always be found there to read for free. Other Dee W. Schofield short stories are listed below the story.

    I hope you enjoy them.


Young Dean Dee is one of the pen names for bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith. Dee writes humor and science fiction romance, sometimes combined. For more information about Dean, or any of the books or stories mentioned here, go to his blog at or write to Dean at

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    North by Northwest Books and Antiques shifts to WMG… About a week or so ago I saw on Facebook a post about how the owners of North by Northwest Books was going to have to close and give the store back to Sheldon McArthur. Some sort of personal reason. To say I was stunned would […] […]
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