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  • Mar 5

    Dee W. Schofield stories can be found under the Short Story tab above. Dee’s most recent story can always be found there to read for free. Other Dee W. Schofield short stories are listed below the story.

    I hope you enjoy them.


Young Dean Dee is one of the pen names for bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith. Dee writes humor and science fiction romance, sometimes combined. For more information about Dean, or any of the books or stories mentioned here, go to his blog at or write to Dean at

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  • Some Observations and an Idea May 20, 2018
    Product Focused Might Be Truly Evil… (grin) Not really kidding that much. The more I think about how being product focused causes so many writing issues, the more I see how it has invaded just about everything in fiction writing the last few years. And I was no exception to that at times in how […] […]
  • Some Reminders on This Friday May 19, 2018
    Updates and New Stuff… Just wanted to mention some new workshop stuff and remind people that some things are ending. I know it is smack in the middle of the time of great forgetting, but sometimes workshops or planning for workshops can help keep a little focus on the writing during these months. So first […] […]
  • Product Focused vs Process Focused. May 18, 2018
    A Nasty Problem of Early Writers… I hear this all the time. Writers, especially indie writers the last few years, have focused on the finished product. And I must admit, that is how we keep score in this new world. Numbers of books and stories equals more readers and more money and so on. But […] […]
  • The Reader Perception May 17, 2018
    Never Tell Anyone That You Write One Draft Clean… But Dean, why do you say that because you teach it here and talk about it all the time?? The reason? This is a writer-focused site at the moment. And writer’s seldom buy my books (except to see how bad it really is because I wrote […] […]
  • Online Workshops Update May 16, 2018
    All Kinds of Stuff Going On… First off, since no one was signed up in June for the Weekender Pop-up Workshops, we have cancelled those. However, the entire group of them, plus two more will return in the fall, after the time of great forgetting. The Indie Game workshop turned out to be a stunner […] […]

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